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Langrey International Pty Ltd
We export chilled or frozen mutton, lamb, and goat primal cuts& offal.
Most brands we do are halal approved products.
Primal cuts available:
Carcass(standard& 6 way cuts), fore quarter, hind shank, chump, leg, loin, neck, rack, shoulder, trunk, backstrap, topside, silverside, side, knuckle, rump, tenderloin, shortloin, brisket& flap, fat, trimmings.
Offal available:
Livers, hearts, kidneys, tongues, aorta, spleens, lungs, pluck, thymus gland, trachea, tripe(whole, omasum), intestines(runners). Other offal is available upon request.
Company Name: Langrey International Pty Ltd
Country: Australia
Address: 1/24 Langford Street, Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127, Australia
Contact person: Mr. Frank Gong
Telephone: 61-3-98368986
Fax: 61-3-98360168
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