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Fine Foods Spain
Navarre Asparagus are of the Asparagus Officinalis variety, a plant which lasts for around 7 or 8 years and is characteristic of the Navarre region in northern Spain.

The plant has a series of roots which join in a stump where the bud then forms giving rise to the Asparagus shoot. Asparagus is planted in February and is not collected until the following spring. Collection requires the use of a hoe, to make a hole in the exact spot where the Asparagus is growing, and must be completed quickly as only white Asparagus are suitable - that is to say only those plants who have not yet reached the surface of the soil. Once harvested the Asparagus are classified by size and are subjected to a rigorous quality control process. They are washed and peeled by hand, scalded and then immediately cooled in order to stop the cooking process. Finally they go through a final classification, followed by packing and sterilisation.

The result is a delicious Asparagus, white in colour with a smooth texture and little or no harsh fibres, together with a perfect balance of bitterness to the palate.

Company Name: Fine Foods Spain
Country: Spain
Address: C/ Bonaire 8-12, D4 Lleida Lleida 25006
Contact person: Hocine Mohamdi
Telephone: 34 - 973 - 235726
Fax: 34 - 973 - 245329
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