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Dear Customers,

Firma Galpex II is a manufacturer of super quality dog snacks sold successfully, most of all outside Poland.

We offer products of super quality and excellent taste only forming perfect supplements for daily diet of a dog.
The products are of super quality. Special production technology permits no chemicals, thus the snacks maintain important values such as natural appearance and unique flavour and enjoy great popularity among our four-legged pets. We care about the best quality of raw materials processed and ensure that our produce satisfies expectations of the most demanding customers. Our production complies with standards applicable in the best developed world markets and is supervised by a team of professionals, including veterinary service and a laboratory.

Raw materials used for production of snacks come from regular and verified suppliers, in the first place from the western parts of our country.
Meat transported at low temperatures, and then delivered to our production plant, is defrosted, cleaned and excess fat is removed. It is all to make the final product clean and of full value. Raw materials prepared this way are sent to the drying chamber equipped with high-tech equipment where it is subject to pasteurization at 90oC. This process enables effective elimination of bacteria. We obtain a natural preservatives-free product that is not only healthy but also delicious.

Dogs are animals with a particularly well-developed sense of smell. They find natural snacks delicious delicacies stimulating their smell, cleaning their teeth, providing protection for their gums and strengthening their jaw muscles.

Natural snacks are a perfect supplement to daily diet of a dog. They can also be treated as a prize or simply given for pleasure.

Natural dried meat is a real delicacy for every dog. It has an excellent effect on the sense of smell. It is healthy and delicious.

Company Name: PPHU GALPEX II Ltd.
Country: Poland
Address: Chodkiewicza 17 Bydgoszcz 85-065
Contact person: Tomczyk Wojciech
Telephone: 48 - 602 - 747493
Fax: 48 - 52 - 3454580
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