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Country Import Export Guide
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Country Import Export Guide
Animals, plants and unprocessed derivative products are subject to a complex phytosanitary legislation, which, in practice, makes the import of these products into Australia impossible. More than 150 agricultural products are subject to an Import licence, without which they cannot enter the Australian territory. Hence there are a number of very restrictive measures of quarantine. The role of the administration is confined to the inspection of goods, side by side with the Customs Administration and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). Food Standards Australia New Zealand also takes action in laying down rules and regulations for food products.
The packages and wooden palettes must be accompanied by a certificate of fumigation.
Here are some examples of products subject to regulations:

Product Prohibition Licence Regulations Quotas
Cheese X
Tobacco X
Antibiotics* X
Pharmaceutical products ** X

* These can be sold only after authorisation of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.
**The other pharmaceutical products cannot enter the Australian territory except if they are referred to Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), either as goods subject to "list" (less rigorous controls, for such products as vitamins, solar screens / pads and most of herbal products), or as goods subject to "registration"( evaluation in terms of quality, safety and efficiency).
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