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If you want to find importers and distributors in your target countries, you can either use our search function or browse by category.

“Product Group” section is on the left of the page. It includes all the categories arranged under nineteen top-level categories. Click a top-level category to see the related sub-categories. After you select a sub-category, the searching result will be shown on the screen subsequently.

Search by Product:

Search by Imported Product

  1. Select a category
  2. Select a sub-category: This helps you narrow down your search results to a particular product.
  3. Country (available after logging in your account): It enables you to find a business in a particular country or region.
  4. Business type (available after logging in your account): Business type means the primary roles the company engages in within its trading sector.
  5. Sort by: Matching listings can by sorted by company name or country name in alphabetical order


Search by Company Name:

Search by Importers  Name

If you already know what you are looking for, please enter part of the company’s name in the search box to start a search. The result will be sorted by company name if more than one company meets your criteria. You may narrow down results by selecting a category from Search By box. It doesn't matter whether you use upper or lowercase letters.

What to do if no matching listings are found?

There are several reasons why the service may find no matching listings even when you have reason to believe there probably are some listings:

  • The company name you entered may not be in any business profiles.
  • The business may be listed under a different category. Try again by searching another category or in all categories.
  • Something may have been misspelled. Check for spelling mistakes and search again.
  • Abbreviations are not recognized, so be sure that all words are spelled out in full and then search again.


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