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Art Tea

Harney & Sons Fine Teas offers three elegant art teas from the Fujian Province. Green tea leaves are cured and then scented with high-quality flowers grown in Fu’ An, Fujian Province. Each flower is hand-picked, hand-pressed and sewn by hand. One glance into a glass teapot explains the term art teas - also referred to as display teas.

Chinese Green and Japanese Green tea

Green teas from China and Japan are the newest trend here in the U.S. Many people are looking to reap the benefits of green tea, while enjoying its unique flavor. Harney & Sons respects the traditions surrounding green tea by choosing the best available in each class. Count on us to give you the best in green tea. Our Japanese Green teas include Tencha, Bancha, Ichiban Deep-Steamed Sencha, Genmaicha and More. Michael was in Japan last Spring, in search of more fine Japanese Green teas.

Black Tea

Black tea is the tea most often seen in the United States, so these teas seem quite familiar. We offer here a wide selection of the best available black teas. We taste sample after sample, searching for ones we can call our own. You will not find a large selection of mediocre tea, just the best.

Floral Teas & Jasmine Teas

Adding flowers to tea is an ancient Chinese tradition from the Fujian Province. We have started some traditions of our own with Jane's Garden Tea. For each tin of Jane's Garden sold, $5.50 will be donated to The Jane Lloyd Cancer Fund.

Herbal Tea Infusions

Herbal tea, tisane, caffeine-free infusions ... whatever your term for these fine and relaxing brews, we think you'll agree they are all a pleasure to savor. Herbal tea has a long tradition in Western Culture. Herbal teas are made from bark, flowers and seeds. We offer three classes of herbals: Traditional, French and modern, flavored blends. We source these infusions from the best areas: Oregon, Egypt and France.
Fresh-Brew Iced Teas

We blend and pack our Iced Tea using hand-picked full leaf Chinese teas and quality flavors. These are the same teas you find served in the finest hotels and restaurants. The 2 quart-sized bags are for those with a thirst to quench. Fresh-brew iced tea may be just the taste you're seeking.
Organic Tea

As organic tea is in demand these days, we developed a line of teas which are certified as grown and processed without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. We certify that they are a pleasure to drink.

Our full list of Organic Teas is shown below. Organic Green, Organic Earl Grey, Organic Breakfast, and Organic Passion Plum are available loose or in teabags. Organic Sencha, Organic Darjeeling, Organic Peppermint, and Organic Assam are available as loose tea only.

White Tea

White tea is made from the young tea leaf. It is picked just before the leaf opens on the stem, and is air dried to lock in its color and flavor. The lack of chlorophyll in the immature leaf gives it is "white" appearance. Aromatic and delicate-bodied, one should use more of the large leaf to get its full flavor. It has both caffeine and healthy polyphenols.

"Tea" means many things to many people; from black teas to herbals to iced teas. Our goal is to be your best source for "tea" however you define it.

Our commitment to providing you with the finest possible cup of "tea" is strong. Our teas are fresh, because of the quantity we distribute to hotels & gourmet stores. We guarantee you will always be pleased with our quality.

We make our teas for your enjoyment, so if you have any questions or problems, please call us at (800) TEA-TIME or e-mail us at We always love to discuss our favorite subject!

We drink to your health.

Harney & Sons Inc.




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