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GIO Australia
GIO Australia was founded as the Government Insurance Office in 1927. Today GIO is one of Australia's leading insurance companies with offices in four states.

Why have insurance?
We are not always prepared for what life throws us! If you are involved in a car accident or your home is burgled you will need to find a way to pay for damage and/or services. Without insurance, you would need to come up with these often large amounts of money yourself. If you do have insurance however, you pay an amount each year so that if an unfortunate event occurs that is covered by your insurance, your insurer (such as GIO) will cover the costs as outlined in your policy.

Some insurance is compulsory by law, such as Compulsory Third Party (CTP) for a car or Public Liability Insurance for a business.

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Deciding the type of cover you need
Depending on what you want to insure, there may be different types of cover available. For example, if you would like to insure your car, you can choose between full coverage with Comprehensive cover, CTP Green Slip which is the minimum cover required by law or Third Party Property Damage which is somewhere in between.

Use the information on this site to get an overview of what different insurance products provide. You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any decisions about an insurance product.

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What is a Product Disclosure Statement?
The Product Disclosure Statement, also referred to as a PDS, outlines everything you need to know about an insurance product. It clearly explains what is and isn't covered by a policy and any optional covers that may be available. A PDS also outlines your responsibilities, how to pay your premium and any other fees and charges.

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What you pay
The premium is the amount you pay us for insurance. It is the cost of us providing cover for a 12 month period. Depending on the type of insurance you apply for, you may be able to pay it over 12 monthly instalments rather than in one hit. If you choose to Pay by the Month, you will be charged an administration fee.

The premium is calculated on many different factors. You can always find this information detailed in the PDS.

As well as your premium, you also pay stamp duty, GST and any additional government charges and Fire Services Levy (FSL) if applicable.

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Saving money on your insurance
There are many ways to save money on your premium. You may be entitled to a Multiple Policy Discount if you have a number of different insurance policies with us. You might also choose a higher excess to reduce your premium. Depending on the type of insurance, you might also be entitled to other discounts such as Seniors Card or Family discount.

We might advertise special offers and benefits from time to time. If we have a special offer available that is not in this PDS, we can give you a separate terms and conditions brochure about the offer if you ask us.

You can always talk to us about the best ways for you to save on your premium.

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Your excess
The excess is the amount you have to pay for each incident if you make a claim. The amount and type of excess that applies to your policy is shown on your Certificate of Insurance. We will deduct the excess from the amount of cover under your policy and then pay you, or we will ask you to pay the excess to a supplier, repairer or us.

If you hear the term "flexible excess", it means you can decide your level of excess when you apply for insurance. We offer this for products such as Home & Contents and Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance. Generally the higher the excess you choose, the lower the premium (the amount you pay for insurance) will be.

For example: If you are quoted a premium of $1000 with a $300 excess, you could reduce your premium to $800 by choosing a $500 excess. Keep in mind that each time you make a claim you will need to pay that excess amount. (These figures are indicative only and do not represent any true amounts).

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"Events" and making a claim
An "event" is basically when something happens that might give reason for you to make a claim. Events very for different insurance products, for example an event for car insurance might be an accident or theft, and for home insurance it might be damage by a falling tree or a fire.

An event must happen in the period of insurance, and also be unforeseen and unintended by you. The type of cover you have determines which events are covered so please refer to the product information on this website as well as the appropriate PDS for full details.

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Getting a quote
You can get an obligation free quote for insurance by providing us with some information about yourself and what it is you wish to insure (such as your boat, your home or your pet cat!). Depending on the product, you can get an online quote on the internet or call us anytime on 13 10 10.

You don't need to accept our quote right away. You can think about it (generally for up to 7 days) and then choose to apply and pay for insurance over the phone or online for some products. You also have a "cooling off" period. This means you have time to consider the information in your PDS and you can cancel your insurance within 21 days from when the cover began.

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Your responsibilities
When you buy insurance from us, you are responsible for keeping your details up to date with us and providing correct information to us. You must also comply with your Duty of Disclosure when you apply for insurance with us and each time you renew or alter your cover. This essentially means you must provide honest answers to any questions we ask you that are necessary for us to provide you with cover. Find further information in your PDS.

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Cancelling your policy
You can cancel the cover at any time. The cancellation takes effect on the date we receive your request. You are responsible for meeting your insurance payments (either annually or monthly) otherwise we can cancel your cover if you do not pay the premium by the due date. If your policy is cancelled, we will refund any money we owe you less any cancellation fee that might apply and non-refundable government charges.

Company Name: GIO Australia
Country: Australia
Address: PO Box 1464 Sydney, NSW
Contact person: Manager
Telephone: 61-3-8650 4196
Fax: --
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