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How to Run a Successful Business in China 

"How to run a successful business in China" covers:

- Understanding your Chinese customer and how to make them buy

- Tactics you must master to gain an upper hand in any negotiation

- 7 things you must know to manage your Chinese workforce

- Key factors you can't afford to ignore before making a move

- The most crucial strategy for marketing to your corporate customers

- How to optimise the value of your professional advisors

- How you can take advantage of the 3 most important trends in China

- Recent corporate battles and lessons you must learn

The authors' experience has shown that business in China draws heavily from Eastern military philosophy, and "How to Run a Successful Business in China" captures this spirit by intertwining the practical with the philosophical by including messages from Sun Zi's The Art of War for a more vivid presentation.

The eBook is designed with accessibility in mind, and has been optimized at 86 pages to ensure that the key concepts can be picked up and applied within a minimal amount of time.

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How to Run a Successful Business in China
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