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How to Write Business Letters That Get The Job Done 

Whether You Operate A Small Business...
Or Go Head-To-Head With The Big Boys...
This Kit Will Save You Major Amounts Of
Time, Money, and Energy, and...
Will Give You Powerful Business Letters
That Get The Job Done.

Including Bonuses, this Kit contains 115 fully-formatted, real-life business letter and form templates, AND it is also a complete and comprehensive one-stop style guide on the art and science of writing business letters.

  • You'll be the owner of a comprehensive business letter writing toolkit with over 300 pages of how-to information, tips, tricks, and real-life templates.
  • You'll have access to 79 fully-formatted real-life templates of professionally written business letters that you can download into your word processor.
  • You'll receive 27 additional fully-formatted templates of many commonly used business forms and templates, other than letters.
  • You'll discover the two major categories of business letters, and how understanding those differences will improve the quality of your letters.
  • You'll learn my "7 Key Steps" for writing better business reports, plus I'll share my "two biggest secrets" for writing killer business reports.
  • You'll find out what are the 5 most popular formats for business letters, and you'll get detailed sample layout templates for each one.
  • You'll discover the differences between a business letter and a business memorandum and you'll get a fully-formatted template of a business memo.
  • You'll learn about the 9 most important guidelines to follow when formatting a business letter or memo.
  • You'll find out my "6 secret tricks" for keeping 97% of business letters and memos on one page, even when your first draft overflows to a second page.
  • You'll be given the 8 most critical overall strategic "tips and tricks" to use for writing effective business letters and memos.
  • You'll gain access to a list of over 125 commonly used redundant words and phrases, and I'll give you alternatives with which to replace them.
  • You'll learn about over 40 transition words and phrases that will vastly improve your business letter writing, and I'll give you "how to" examples.
  • You'll discover my personal "Top 20 List" of recommended business writing reference resources.
  • You'll get the direct hyperlinks to my fully researched "Top 50 List" of online resources, services, and tools for writing business letters.

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How to Write Business Letters That Get The Job Done
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