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Ikon True Russian Vodka 
Featured Listing
Date of Posting: March 6, 2008
"Best Buy"
Wine Enthusiast MagazineIkon Vodka was rated Vodka of the Year by The Food & Wine Radio Network.
Below is a brief introduction to Ikon True Russian Vodka. It is an exceptional product which has be well received by the media and consumers alike. Ikon True Russian Vodka is an excellent addition to any distributors portfolio. You may also review our website
Ikon True Russian Vodka is:
Available in 22 States, Canada, France, Germany, The Caribbean and New Zealand
Quadruple distilled and filtered.
Has been an outstanding Russian Vodka since 1862
Gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Rated Best Buy in the Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Highly Recommended by
Highly Recommended by Paul Pacult of The Spirit Journal
Highly Recommended by Alcohol Reviews
Highly Recommended by Jennifer English of The Food & Wine Radio Network
Highly Recommended by California Food and Wine Magazine
Featured on "The Fine Living Channel's The Thirsty Traveler"
Featured in Playboy Magazine February 2004
Featured in Wine and Spirits August 2004
Recommended by Sante Magazine
Recommended by Luxist
Recommended by Robert Plotkin Beverage Dynamics
Featured in Wine Enthusiast May 2005
Featured in Business2. 0 June 2005
Recommended by Wine X Magazine 3 Stars out of 3 Stars
Highly Recommended by LiquorSnob
Featured in Barracuda Magazine
Cameo Appearance in the Movie "Factotum"
Starring Matt Dillon
To be featured in the Chicagoist Magazine
Featured in Bachelorguy
Featured in BevEX Magazine
Recommended by Apertif Magazine 4 stars out of 5 "Best Buy"
Featured in Nuvou Magazine
To be Featured in AmEX Departures Magazine
Very Affordable
Here is what Wine Enthusiast said about Ikon True Russian Vodka.
Inside Scoop: As super and ultrapremium vodkas' popularity continue to score major profit-margin points for distillers, the age of $15 unflavored vodka seems like a generation ago. There are, however, a handful of really good values left. Ikon and Seagram's Platinum are all well below $20 and all taste as though they are priced above it.
Rich Dobbs of the Martini Lounge has this to say about Ikon True Russian Vodka:
" The nose on this vodka was extremely appealing and I went back for a few extra sniffs. I took a swig and was very glad I did. It's not a vodka trying to be tasteless like some of the other one's out there and it's not trying to be a big grain vodka either. It has a great middle of the road feel and it did something that most other vodkas do not normally do, it made my mouth water. I was blown away at the rich flavors inside of this one and it had a big, round feel to it. "round" is the best way I can describe it and, no, not like your mother.
You will not, ever, find a bottle of vodka that is better than Ikon for under US $20. Ever. Never. Never ever. This is a bottle that I could easily put in to a taste test with self-proclaimed vodka aficionado's alongside some of the premium vodkas and come away with a pleasing sense of self-satisfaction at calling them morons. Yet, the vodka is cheap enough to be a well vodka. Oh praise to the bar that has Ikon as the well vodka, long will it be loved. "
  Contact Details
Company Name:
Ikon Spirits Inc
1 905 342 9188
1 905 342 3876
Contact Person:
Mr. Max Smith
Web Site:
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