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Cuca Fresca Cachaca 
Featured Listing
Date of Posting: August 21, 2007

Cuca Fresca...The Spirit of Brazil

Cuca Fresca is a line of super premium cachacas from the land of carnavale, samba, sexy sun-drenched beaches, and futebol. Brazilians love to relax and have fun, especially while enjoying cachaca, the country's most popular spirit.

The name Cuca Fresca is Portuguese for cool head.Having a cuca fresca is part of the Brazilian lifestyle that Cuca Fresca Premium Cachaca would like to share with the world.

Cuca Fresca Premium Cachaca is an authentic Brazilian spirit produced and bottled solely in Brazil.

Generations of Excellence

For over sixty years, in the farm lands of Sao Paulo, high in the mountains surrounded by sugar cane, mango and orange tree plantations, SERTANEJA and AGUARDENTE CARIBENE LTD have been two of the best and most traditional cachaca distillers.  

Now we have combined these two family's traditions, long associated with the word QUALITY, to offer world markets our newest brand Cuca Fresca. 

With knowledge passed down for generations, we have refined our cachaca production methods to maintain the highest quality standards from the initial planting of the sugar cane through to the end product. All of the sugar cane used to make Cuca Fresca is grown organically and NO ADDITIVES are ever used during fermentation nor during the slow distillation and filtration process.

Our cachaca is aged in oak barrels, a production process has been handed down from generation to generation, and results in a very pleasant aroma and flavor, and a unique, smooth and distinctive taste.

Cuca Fresca's line of Premium Cachaca

Cuca Fresca is available in the traditional clear color (the most popular) and also in Pura Gold, an amber colored spirit which has been carefully aged in wooden barrels for at least five years and is characterized by its crisp, light, vibrant taste, with a smooth tropical flavor.

Cuca Fresca is also developing the first Brazilian Cachaca Liquere, called Canella. This deliciously distinctive liquor is aged in wooden barrels, causing it to turn a dark amber color, and is flavored with natural cinnamon giving it a sweet and slightly spicy flavor. It's perfect served neat, on the rocks, and especially with a fine cigar.

Enjoying Cuca Fresca

Cuca Fresca's Premium Clear and Pura Gold cachaca can be enjoyed in countless ways. The most popular is as part of a Caipirinhia, a cocktail that has become internationally recognized and associated with the culture of Brazil. Caipirinhias are made by adding cachaca to muddled lime, superfine sugar, and ice. Cuca Fresca can also be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in mixed drinks such as mojitos, cachaca and cola, or batidas. Please refer to the list of cachaca cocktails included with these materials for further drink suggestions.  

What makes Cuca Fresca different from other brands of cachaca

Cuca Fresca is made using methods perfected over generations, which result in an super premium quality cachaca. Cuca Fresca cachacas are distilled using artisan pots rather than the column distillation process used by many mass produced cachacas, which often compromises the quality, flavor, and smoothness. Cuca Fresca is also aged for up to five years in wooden barrels. This longer fermentation process results in an exceptionally smooth cachaca, while the wooden barrels impart a distinctly refined taste that is unique to Cuca Fresca.

  Contact Details
Company Name:
Cuca Fresca Exports Ltd.
102 Fawn Run Greentown, Alabama 18426 United States
001 631 9285582
001 631 4580599
Contact Person:
Thomas Slasinski
Web Site:
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