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Fruit Drinks 
Date of Posting: December 11, 2006

Founded in 1997 by Dr Kudret Fidanboy, Buzlas® was born out of a need for a quality slush product in Turkey. Since then Buzlas® became the household name for fun.

Meykar Food and Beverage Co. is a privately owned company specializing in slush products from syrups, flavours, equipments and all the elements you need to run a profitable slush business.

Our brand is well recognized throughout the industry where the quality of our blends speaks for itself. Our geographical location gives us easy access to fresh, top-quality ingredients, using only credible suppliers with strict food safety accreditations in place - offering our customers the best!

Meykar is a highly experienced, highly motivated and successful organization with global resources and connections. We are known for our superior quality and extensive range of products that have been developed over many years. Our combined knowledge, expertise and commitment to meet changing customers' needs sets our company apart.

We have also started selling equipment relating to the granita and slush business range offering customers an all-in-one solution to their entire equipment needs on easy payment terms.

Our factory and warehouse complex is situated in Izmir, Turkey where we manufacture under a strict Food Safety code of practice. Our head office operates from the same premises, providing services to our own distributor network, national clients and international customers.

We believe the specialty drink market is experiencing outstanding growth because conscientious consumers are increasingly more and more reluctant to return to inferior products as they relate to quality and health matters. Frozen drinks are an affordable luxury item of the new millennium that people readily treat themselves to in both good and bad economies.

We offer a FREE research and development service to our customers.

Some of the development work we do:

» Develop a specific new product, or

» Improve a current product (taste, texture, mouth feel, meltdown time, etc), or

» Match a current product from another supplier.

Because we have the expertise and our own laboratory, we have the capacity to develop or change blends which will meet very specific customer needs, sourcing top-quality, fresh and innovative ingredients and flavours to develop these products.

Our company is on the cutting edge of new technology always experimenting with new ingredients in the food service manufacturing industry to enhance our blends in order to get a better quality.

  Contact Details
Company Name:
Meykar Food and Beverage Co
8286 Sk, No: 1 Balcilar Is Merkezi Cigli, Izmir 35620 Turkey
+90 (232) 376 6492
+90 (232) 376 6853
Contact Person:
Web Site:
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