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Marketing Your Products
Business to Business and Import/export From China Business
October, 2007

B2B in China business has evolved so much as to help users to consider import/export as a career opportunity. Business to business is actively supported by government with individual departments eyeing for some chunk of import/export revenue to boast off. It pays to evaluate some statistics that help us understand the current trends of B2B import/export in China and global sourcing demands.

-Status of Business to Business or B2b

B2B in China prevails at a stage where innovative applications become the need of the day; 2 of which are

1. Integrated B2B platforms

2. Vertical B2B platforms

Unifying B2B with mainstream, in China business, brought B2B trading to identify with China business and import and export. Look at how China business organizations like B2B International are helping business-to-business through research and market analysis. B2B International provides information based on sound foundation of market research particularly in business-to-business and import and export areas. Nevertheless, China business needs to accept the reality that B2B or business to business has arrived and is the commonly accepted method in import/export and global sourcing industry. Applied to import & export, B2B is a wonderful platform particularly when e-commerce is used to execute business to business transaction in both global sourcing as well as import/export.

-Global Sourcing Via E-Commerce for B2B in China Business

Global sourcing couldn't have expected a bigger boost than the mature e-commerce, through wide spread business to business e-marketplaces in China business which eventually complements the B2B operators as it does to import and export by helping to generate business leads and product information in global sourcing. Although this was in practice for years, even without any government encouragement and protection, import & export companies, have now matured to have an established business paradigm to interact/transact with global sourcing buyers till shipping the goods.

Global sourcing has come of age for China business. Contribution to Chinese economy from global sourcing explosion and the subsequent boost import/export got is now an integral part of B2b scenario. Thanks to e-commerce, global sourcing and import and export are gradually occupying the center stage in China business increasingly by the day. The reason for e- platform to become a hit, in China business, with global sourcing and import/export entities is its ability in facilitating an in-depth analysis of originating company's strengths and weaknesses.

E-commerce is welcome in China business as long as bottlenecks and roadblocks are being removed for import & export and global sourcing.

Source: EditorsChoice

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