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Marketing Your Products
Retain Your Customers: Transactions to the Rescue!
December, 2007


Discover nine great opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and promote your products to your current customers.

What is transactional messaging?

Transactional messaging - that is, any messaging you send to customers as a direct result of a customer transaction¡ªis widely being heralded as the next wave of e-mail marketing. Here's why:

Messages that result from customer transactions are excluded from the CAN-SPAM opt-out and explicit opt-in requirements. They are considered a permission-based e-mail follow-up.

According to recent studies, transactional e-mails are viewed very positively by customers.

Better yet, transactional messages have an astounding average open rate of over 70 percent, and click rates above 50 percent, when the message includes a redeemable discount offer. That's compared to typical opt-in promotional e-mail open rates of 36 percent, and click rates in the single digits. Wow!

Opportunities for Transactional Messaging
Order receipts
Periodic account status updates
Warranty information
Product recall notifications
Safety or security information for purchased products
Change notifications
Subscription or membership information
Employment or benefit plan information
Product update or upgrade information

*Remember: according to CAN-SPAM, the primary purpose of your e-mail must be to complete or facilitate the original customer transaction with the sender.

Reward your Customers with Transactional Offers

Here are 9 great ideas for offers and promotions to include within your transactional messages:
An order receipt containing recommended products
A print-at-home coupon as an incentive to purchase and repurchase
Special rewards for "best customers" or loyalty club members
Special information or promotional offers in return for registering
A free product offer for completing a satisfaction survey
A secured gift certificate or ticket fulfillment
Birthday offers
"Refer a Friend" offers for additional incentives
Embedded polls for audience profiling and market research

E-mail continues to be the "killer app" for online direct marketing-but ordinary bulk e-mail messages are no longer enough. Transactional messaging gives you a great opportunity to enrich your current relationship and your marketing ROI, all at once. Happy marketing.

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