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Russia - Points for meat product declaration have been determined
February, 2008

Forty-four customs authorities were determined that would be involved in declaring meat and meat products beginning from February 15, 2008.  The basic requirement is that there is a temporary storage warehouse located in the area of the customs authority operations that is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations legislation.  A corresponding Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS) Order dated October 17, 2007, #1283 was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on November 7, 2007 and will come into force on February 15, 2008.  A decision to restrict points for declaring such commodities was made for the purpose of strengthening safety monitoring of commodities classified in 02 Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of Russia (meat and meat products) imported into the customs territory of the Russian Federation.  In accordance with Article 125 of the RF Customs Code, FCS of Russia has a right to establish certain customs authorities to declare individual types of commodities for the purpose of ensuring that monitoring over compliance with the customs legislation is efficient.  In accordance with Article 101 of the RF Customs Code, commodities that can do harm to other commodities or require special storage conditions must be stored at custom-built warehouses meeting the requirements set in accordance with the technical regulations legislation.  When selecting declaration points, the basic principle was availability of temporary storage warehouses in the region of the customs authority operations that were equipped in accordance with the technical regulations legislation.  Compliance must be confirmed by warehouse appraisal reports signed by VPSS territorial authorities.

It should be noted that the scope of regulations under the FCS of Russia order #1283 ¡ˇăRegarding Points for Declaring Individual Types of Commodities¡ˇŔ are only commodities placed under the customs release treatment for domestic consumption.  The present legal act does not exclude a possibility that other procedures under the customs legislation may be applied.  In particular, the order is not in conflict with a possibility to obtain a domestic customs transit treatment with a customs authority that has not been entered in the list and further release of the commodity into free circulation at any of the 44 authorized customs entities.  In addition, individuals (for example, large processing plants) may apply Article 68 of the RF Customs Code and use special simplified procedures.  Also, temporary storage at the consignee¡¯s warehouse and other procedures shall not be ruled out.  As the Chief FCS of Russia General Directorate of Customs Monitoring Operations Andrey Boldyrev notes, the list of declaration points will be expanded as temporary storage warehouses will be tooled with chilling (freezing) equipment and certified by VPSS entities.  In particular, the Far East Customs Directorate and the North West Customs Directorate are currently jointly looking into the issue of amending this list of customs authorities.

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